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Pulsed Media is an BitTorrent Seedbox provider, formed in February, 2010.

Background information

Pulsed Media was formed together with Custom Seedbox as a joint-effort. Since then Custom seedbox has been merged with Pulsed Media, and services from original Custom seedbox users for the most part migrated to newer Pulsed Media offerings utilizing the PM Software Stack.

Software development is done in-house with vast experience in web development, and PM Software Stack differs in a multitude of ways from competition. Concentration has always been in performance and usability, which are considered to be partially the same objective where performance optimization often results in better usability.


Pulsed Media offers seedbox hosting, dedicated servers, virtual private servers with a multitude of value added services.

Pulsed Media concentration is in high value services, providing the best value for our customers is a key objective.


Pulsed Media is part of Finnish company NuCode, registered early 2009. NuCode is VAT registered company and is therefore required to charge VAT from residents of the VAT area. NuCode VAT number is FI22551954. All listing prices exclude VAT, and VAT is added during checkout for VAT region residents.

Policies and terms