Pulsed Media Seedbox SLA Policy

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We offer a standard service level agreement for our Seedbox services, covering hardware, network and support services.


In summary all shared and managed Seedbox offerings have standard 1 to 1 compensation on hardware, complete network failures along with unreasonably delayed support services, in most cases this is granted automatically without requesting, or you can request compensation if you believe you should have. This does not cover cases where the downtime or major service degradation cannot be verified by Pulsed Media, or is caused by customer itself, force majeure or is otherwise beyond the control of Pulsed Media.

This covers the full downtime rounded to closest full day (24hr period). Minimum compensation is 1 day.

This does not cover PAST issues, request for compensation can only be done for issues happened within the past 2 weeks.

Seedbox Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Concerned services

This SLA covers service offerings of all shared, semi-dedicated and managed dedicated Seedbox services, such as, but not limited to: Value250, Super250, Max250, M1000, Dragon, Storage, SSD series offers. This does not cover special/custom, one-off (ie. software licenses), VPS or Dedicated server services.


Compensation is given as extended service time, and at minimum 1 day. For example, if downtime was 4 days you will get 4 day extension to your service. In special cases Pulsed Media may grant larger compensation. Minimum compensation is 1 day, and compensation is rounded to nearest 1 full day. Maximum compensation is 3 weeks (21 days).

No compensation for issues lasting less than 24hours. Compensation is given rounded to closest full day (24hr period). Example: Issue starting 22:00 GMT and ending in 04:00 GMT is less than 12 hours, no SLA compensation.

Compensation tiers

There are multiple tiers of compensation, giving you varying levels of compensation. Following are the tiers.

  • SLA Platinum: Dragon 2.0 / Dragon 2.1 / 2012 series. Ratio is 1 to 3.
  • SLA Gold: Max250, Super250, M1000, M10G, SSD series, MDS Power/Power+ service level. Ratio is 1 to 2.
  • SLA Silver: Value10G, Value1000, Value250, Super50, MDS standard series. Ratio is 1 to 1.
  • SLA Bronze: Auctions and one-off specials. Ratio is 1 to 0 in cases below 5 business days degradation, above 1 to 0.5

Ratio example; Downtime 2 days for Dragon 2.1 series service: You get 6 days extension on your service.

Failures covered

The failures covered in this agreement are as follows:

  • Hard drive failures, which requires replacement of the hardware. **with the exception** of dedicated servers and MDS where customer have chosen to utilize RAID0 / or have non-redundant storage layout.
  • Power supply, motherboard, RAM or CPU failure which requires complete replacement of the unit
  • Complete network outage: Server is completely unaccessible.
  • Over 3 day delay in resolution of software issue reported by customer via ticket, which causes major degradation of service.

Service degradation by software

Covered are FTP and HTTP/HTTPS (inc. GUI) access downtime, not solved in sensible time frame of 3 days of ticket opening. This does not cover scheduled maintenance, user caused issues such as quota exceeded, or delayed updates/upgrades of hardware/software.

Failures not covered

Failures which are not covered are for example software caused issues, or "normal" outage, ie. due to too heavy load requiring a reboot.

  • Any case which takes less than 24hrs to recover from
  • Server reboots
  • Software issues requiring downtime for maintenance
  • HDD consistency checks
  • RAID Array resync/rebuild, check
  • Hardware diagnostics, and other hardware maintenance
  • Any software issue causing complete or partial downtime
  • The downtime or service degradation is caused by the customer itself.
  • The downtime or service degradation in question is not reported by customer via ticketing system.
  • Force Majeure cases. For example: DC has shutdown the server for whatever reason, may it be power outage, heat issues etc.
  • Data loss, whether it be caused by user, provider, DC, or any other party.
  • GUI issues caused by the customer (ie. data deletion)
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Any issue caused by lack of payment of services (suspension, termination), including transaction delays (ie. PP eCheque, IBAN Wiretransfer).
  • Any issue caused by direct action or inaction by customer
  • Issues caused by 3rd party software installed by customer, or not qualified & verified by Pulsed Media to work in conjunction with the services.
  • Issues which has happened more than 2 weeks prior to request of compensation.

Verification of issue

The starting time is counted from the time of receiving information of the outage by Pulsed Media, whether it be notified by DC, Customer or noticed during scheduled maintenance. We need to have valid ticket we can verify the outage.

Final decision

Final decision is always done by Pulsed Media staff, and we reserve the right to deny any SLA compensation request which is not outlined in this page.