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Additional terms of services for auction services

These are additional terms of services, on top of normal terms of service and specific to the reverse auction services.

Which services does this apply to (scope)

These terms apply to all services sold as auction service, typically currently available services are located at https://pulsedmedia.com/seedbox-auctions.php.

These terms DO NOT apply to regular services, only those of reverse auction type. These services are typically denoted by suffix of A1, A2, A3, A4 ... A9 and so forth.

Acceptance of these terms

You accept these special terms by purchasing an auction service. These are effective for that particular service. If you do not accept these additional terms, do not order that service. Ordering that service is acceptance of these additional terms and conditions, and applies to all reverse auction services.

Privacy policy

These special terms does not affect our privacy policy.

Changes to terms

These additional terms and conditions are subject to change at any time at the will of the Provider, without any prior notice. Changes will be effective immediately, unless otherwise stated. If you do not accept the updated terms, please do not renew your reverse auction service.

You agree to these additional special terms and conditions when signing up and ordering an auction service. These are in addition to the standard service terms and conditions and privacy policy. These additional terms and conditions apply to all auction services. These additional terms and conditions are subject to change at any time at the will of the Provider, without prior notice.

You can view the history of these terms at our wiki.

Special terms and conditions

Following are some of the rules for these auction service(s), but not limited to:

  • Price is subject to change until price has been locked in
  • We reserve the right to change the price at any time or frequency, until an order/invoice has been generated for the said auction seedbox
  • We reserve the right to terminate any auction seedbox at the end of the billing term (1 month) for any reason. We will inform user(s) in such a case, and where possible provide time and assistance for moving service(s).
  • We reserve the right to re-provision your account at any time without prior notice, wiping your data and to move you to another server
  • Finalized price will be "grandfathered" for the lifetime of the service
  • We reserve the right to deny orders of these auction seedboxes in cases of technical issue(s), suspected abuse, out of stock or any other reason.
  • Abuse of the auction(s) will result in immediate service termination without prior notification.
  • Only one seedbox per auction order. You can order multiple, but these has to be ordered one at a time.
  • No "holding" of orders in an attempt to get better rate, any user(s) detected generating multiple invoices will be banned.
  • Limited support; Auction seedbox tickets are low priority and more limited in scope than typical services.
  • We may send you marketing e-mails as long as you have an active auction service
  • No data migrations from behalf of provider
  • Standard refund policy applies
  • SLA Bronze
  • NO bonus disk quota

Price lock in

Price is subject to change at any given moment. To lock your price you have to make an order, and until you proceed to payment gateway (order is created at this time), the price is subject to change.

Abusive use

Any abuse is subject to immediate service termination without any prior notification. What is abuse of the auctions is to be determined by the provider.

Limited support

These reverse auction services have limited technical support. Auction service tickets are deemed low priority and low importance. Auction service technical support is not guaranteed, and is only given on best-effort basis. These limitations do not govern regular services. If you want to have normal technical support for all your questions, please consider getting an regular service.

Spamming support, or abusing support staff or these rules may be subject for extra service charges. Please do not spam support. Especially with autodl questions for which we do not give any technical support. If you want to have normal technical support, you will have to get a regular service.


By ordering an reverse auction service, you agree to receive marketing material from provider as long as the service is active. To opt out of this marketing material targeted for reverse auction service users you will have to cancel your reverse auction service.