Pulsed Media Free Bonus Disk Policy

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We offer free bonus disk quota to our loyal customers.

Basic information

Loyal customers get free disk space added to their service assigned if the server has free disk space.

Who and When

If the server has free disk space, extra quota maybe assigned to you. This is automatic and our system verifies there is sufficient disk space before applying it to you. You may see if you got extra disk space from the welcome tab, under quota display it reads in small text how much bonus disk quota has been applied to you.

Everyone gets a share if their service has been running for at least several weeks and the bonus to be applied exceeds 2GiB.

You get at maximum 50GiB at a time. Twice per hour a script checks for 10 random users if they are eligible for bonus disk quota, and if the server has sufficient free disk space. Current global maximum has been set at more than 210TiB (09/2016)

How much extra

Certain percentage is given by following formula:

  • 1% for every 28€ paid (minus transaction fees)
  • 1% for every month service has been active
  • 0.2% for every month since billing profile registration
  • -1% for every 5€ in refunds

Paid sum and time since billing profile registration also affects ALL services, if you have a multitude of services you essentially get multiple times the bonus!

In summary, just having your service active you will gain 1.2% monthly - or 14.4% annually. If the cost of the service is 10€, you will gain another 3.6% annually for a total of 18%. This quickly racks up for long term customers who has been with us for years.

Multiple service example: You have 3 seedboxes with us for 2 years, each costing 10€ a month. Each seedbox will get 28.8% from time alone, and 21.8% from the price. This gives to each service a total of 50.6% bonus. If these seedboxes have 1000 GiB base storage, you will get a total of 1518 GiB of bonus disk space!

Maximum is 150% - and many users get this 150% disk bonus!

Limitations and warranties

Minimum and maximum bonus

Minimum bonus to be applied at once is 2GiB. Maximum at once any given time is 50GiB. Total maximum is 150% of original service quota.

Resets and Migrations

If your account needs to be migrated to another server for whatever reason, the current bonus will be reset at this time. You will regain it over time. Bonus disk quota is not guaranteed. Since migrations happen rarely, most of the time you will have bonus disk quota.

No Guarantee

There is no guarantee you will receive bonus disk quota, or you get to retain it.

You will only get bonus disk if the server has free space and global maximum has not been met. Further, we cannot guarantee you can retain it. For example an server to server migration will reset the bonus disk quota, and to get it back that new server needs the free disk space, and global limit must have not been met.

Global maximum

Global maximum is dynamic and grows over time. Currently the pace is approximately 5-6TiB per month (09/2016). This same number is used for both SSD and HDD based services.

Vendor rights

We reserve the right to cancel or modify this bonus disk policy at any given time.