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Pulsed Media wiki is about services offered by Pulsed Media but also in more general manner, for everyone to use.


To provide usage, background, and specific technical details for users of seedboxes, dedicated servers, virtual private servers.

Usage information

How-to use certain software, and/or services information is provided by Category:Guides.


Not everyone is familiar what is irssi, SFTP, kernel etc. so providing a background context is important.

Level of information

We want to have in this wiki very detailed information about usage to provide proper background context and further research into the subject you are looking into. Eventually we want Category:Guides to contain a lot of pictures to make it as simple as possible to follow the instructions.

To who?

To anyone who uses what is described here, not just Pulsed Media customers.

Got a dedicated server with someone else? No problem, you can still use our Category:Guides. Infact the information is also for you.

By who?

Primarily by Pulsed Media service users and Pulsed Media staff. However, anyone can contribute to the wiki and provide information for everyone to share.