Pulsed Media Refunds Policy

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14-day moneyback guarantee

Pulsed Media offers a full 14-day moneyback guarantee for initial order of a service. If you are dissatisfied with your service in any way, you may request an refund within 14-days of initial service setup.

14-day moneyback guarantee exclusions

This moneyback guarantee excludes dedicated server, domain names and support/management services.

Non-refundable items and services

No refunds are given for service renewals, tangible items, domain names, dedicated servers, support/management services.

Excess payments, renewals, duplicate payments

No refunds are given for excessive payments, ie. duplicate payment of already paid invoice. This "excessive payment" is automatically added as credit you can use for future any invoice. Credit is no longer automatically applied to newly generated invoices - you will need to manually apply credits to invoice. To do this open your invoice and use "apply credits" option. This policy is also applied on subscription payments.

Bitcoin payments

All bitcoin payments are non-refundable as Bitcoin. Refunds as credit can be done.