Seedbox access via FTP, SSH and SFTP

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Accessing your Seedbox service utilizing FTP, SFTP or SSH is very simple.

Access details

Upon service setup you have received your service access URL in the format of: Use only the portion when accessing using any of these protocols. For example, if you received this link: you only input on the server field.

  • FTP Port: 21
  • SSH Port: 22
  • SFTP Port: 22

Username: Same as for HTTP/Web

Password: Same as for HTTP/Web

Client software


These clients support also FTP. SFTP is recommended due to the added security by all communication between client and server being encrypted.

FTP Clients

FTP clients are unlikely to support SFTP/SCP/FTPS despite generally vice-versa support is found, ie. SFTP clients support regular FTP.