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No, we do not mean flower boxes here.

Seedbox is generally a dedicated server used primarily solely for seeding BitTorrent data, as servers are often called as boxes. When mentioning seedbox it generally means seeding BitTorrent but seedboxes are also used for on other filesharing Peer to Peer Networks, streaming, IRC etc. Pulsed Media offers BitTorrent seedboxes.

SeedBox Standard Features

All Pulsed Media Seedboxes comes with a standard set of features. Same user interface and same BitTorrent software is used for all seedbox servers.

  • Public trackers ALLOWED
  • Servers located in our datacenter in Helsinki, Finland
  • HDD Quota is 25% burstable for upto 7days.
  • Nice Master GUI with ruTorrent for Torrents, File manager, Quota info, web proxy, help, IRC etc.
  • rTorrent + ruTorrent, Deluge, qBittorrent torrent clints
  • SSH + SFTP + SCP + FTP access.
  • Integrates to your OS with pulsedBox - adding & managing torrents is very convenient and easy!
  • BTSync, Sonarr, pyLoad, Megatools, FFMpeg etc. included by standard

Pulsed Media Seedbox services

Seedbox types

Shared seedboxes

Shared seedboxes are bigger seedbox servers split and shared among a number of users.

Dedicated seedboxes

Dedicated server dedicated solely as a seedbox for single user. An high end, very high performance option.