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No, we do not mean flower boxes here.

Seedbox is generally a dedicated server used primarily or solely for seeding BitTorrent data, as servers are often called as boxes the acronym seedbox is very well fitting. When mentioning seedbox it generally means seeding BitTorrent but seedboxes of other type exist as well for different filesharing Peer to Peer Networks.

Pulsed Media offers BitTorrent seedboxes, using the rTorrent client.

Commercial seedboxes

Commercial offerings are usually highly polished and developed offerings with multiple ways to offer better convenience. With Pulsed Media you get an carefully crafted GUI, often nicknamed as the PM Master GUI along with extended features such as pulsedBox which brings your seedbox to the desktop.

Private seedboxes

Private seedboxes, as in operated by individuals for a group (friends, community or sharing a seedbox)are generally speaking using software of lowest entry barrier, meaning no frills basics due to the obvious availability limitation generally for the polished commercial interfaces. Individuals can opt however to use the PM Software Stack to bring many of the features of Pulsed Media seedboxes to their own servers.

Dedicated seedboxes

Dedicated server dedicated solely as a seedbox for single user. An high end, very high performance option.