Pulsed Media Free Bonus Disk Policy

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We offer free bonus disk quota to our loyal customers.

Basic information

Loyal customers get free disk space added to their service assigned if the server has free disk space. This is automatic and semi-random on who and when.

Who and When

If the server has free disk space, extra quota maybe assigned to you. This is automatic and our system verifies there is sufficient disk space before applying it to you. You may see if you got extra disk space from the welcome tab.

Everyone gets a share if their service has been running for at least several weeks and the bonus to be applied exceeds 2GiB.

How much extra

Certain percentage is given by following formula:

  • 1% for every 50€ paid (minus fees & refunds)
  • 1% for every month service has been active
  • 0.2% for every month since billing profile registration

Maximum is 150% - and some users get very close to this, we've seen a multitude of accounts with above 100%.


If your account needs to be migrated to another server for what-ever reason, the extra will be reset at this time.