Installing pulsedBox

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pulsedBox installation is quite straightforward and easy, with a few clicks.

  • Login to your Pulsed Media seedbox account via HTTP.
  • Look at welcome page lower left side for specific instructions
  • If you do not have Adobe AIR: Download Adobe AIR installer and install it (Link also in welcome page)
  • Click on the download pulsedBox link and choose run. This will launch Adobe AIR application installer.
  • Choose location etc. and run it after installation completion.

Note that installer will tell you about unsigned certificate - this is completely ok.

You may need to manually setup linking .torrent file type to pulsedBox, see Associating PulsedBox with .torrent files.

NOTICE: Currently the installation package has deprecated SSL cert, roll back clock by say 2 years during install and then set back. New version is being built.