2009+ Starter Semidedicated Seedbox

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2009+ Shared Seedboxes - 2009+ Starter semidedicated seedbox

This seedbox is "An excellent introduction to Semi-dedicated Seedboxes, to see how they operate and work." It will help introduce you to the world and wonder of using a seedbox. With the 2009+ Starter Semi-dedicated SeedBox you get access to a decent amount of hard drive space, with plenty of ram to support some high speed torrents. While you wont experience true 100mbps due to it being a semi-dedicated seedbox, 20mbps is still enough bandwith (especially upload BW) for you to gain some extra ratio back.

Below are the specs for the 2009+ Starter Semi-dedicated SeedBox

RAM: 250Mb

HDD: 70Gb

BW: 20Mbps (rtorrent limit)

~ To order one of these seedboxes, visit the 2009+ Starter Order Page