Restarting rTorrent

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Easy rTorrent restart from GUI

Restarting rTorrent is a very simple task with newer PM Master GUI, meaning any version with tabbed interface.

Simply open welcome page and look on bottom right for "restart rTorrent" button, it will take a couple minutes to restart rTorrent after which you need to refresh ruTorrent via reloading the GUI.

If this does not work and rTorrent does not start, every server has automatic 2nd level redundancy for rTorrent instances checking every 10 to 15minutes. If even after 15minutes rTorrent does not start, please contact support.

Restarting rTorrent manually

Also you can try restarting rTorrent with connecting via SSH with putty or such program.

  • Startup putty and login with the information given to you in email.
  • Then check if rTorrent is running with command screen -list.
  • If it isn't running you can start it up with command screen -S rtorrent rtorrent and after that check again if rTorrent is running.
  • If it still isnt visible in the screen -list then your probably over your quota and you should remove files from your box via FTP or from the File Manager page of the seedbox qui.

Note that if rTorrent crashes it is automatically restarted

Possible reasons why rTorrent doesn't start

It is usually because you have reached your quota limit and rTorrent cannot write to disk. Check your disk usage before contacting support.

PMSS Dual level redundancy

PMSS utilizes double levels of redundancy for rTorrent to ensure it is started if possible. First level checks once per minute, but in the case this fails a 2nd level of redundancy does check up every 10 to 15minutes.