Pulsed Media Privacy Policy

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General description of privacy policy

Pulsed Media privacy policy is quite simple:

  • Protecting customer privacy is of utmost importance
  • Customer data is customer's data: No "peeking", logging, or otherwise checking customer data contents without a strong reason (administrative, or technical).
  • Abide by Finnish and EU laws relating to customer privacy, customer data. Including retention and protection policies of Finnish & European laws.
  • We will not retain customer data information (what is stored in the service by customer).
  • Cooperate with authorities only as required and permitted by the Finnish law.

General philosophy of privacy

Here at Pulsed Media customer privacy is very highly respected and protected. The main philosophy is that customer data and information is theirs, not ours and we do not even want to know of what is stored, or any other information which is considered private unless we are required to. We consider data you store to our servers to be your private information, and looking into that would be like looking at your home computer hard drive: Not our business! .

We are required to gather certain details, and retain those details of all customers however, commonly for accounting and tax purposes (Country, name, mailing address).