Pulsed Media Auctions Terms And Conditions

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You agree to these *additional* special terms and conditions when signing up and ordering an auction seedbox service.

* Price is subject to change until price has been locked in
* We reserve the right to change the price at any time or frequency, until an order/invoice has been generated for the said auction seedbox
* We reserve the right to terminate any auction seedbox at the end of the billing term (1 month) for any reason. We will inform user(s) in such a case, and where possible provide time and assistance for moving service(s).
* Finalized price will be "grandfathered" for the lifetime of the service
* We reserve the right to deny orders of these auction seedboxes in cases of technical issue(s), suspected abuse, out of stock or any other reason.
* Abuse of the auction(s) will result in immediate service termination without prior notification.
* Only one seedbox per auction order. You can order multiple, but these has to be ordered one at a time.
* No "holding" of orders in an attempt to get better rate, any user(s) detected generating multiple invoices will be banned.