PMSS:Setting welcome page whitelabeling for resellers

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You can setup some basic whitelabeling rather easily for welcome page.

Save into /etc/seedbox/config/vendor serialized array with name and pulsedBox. Default array is:

$vendorDefault = array(
    'name' => 'Pulsed Media',
    'pulsedBox' => true

Where pulsedBox is a boolean determining if to show pulsedBox information (this will probably automated in future) and name is what to display in "Welcome to your ...." title.

More options will be added as per requested.

To save this array you can do a script like this:

$vendorData = array('name' => 'MySeedbox', 'pulsedBox' => false);
file_put_contents('/etc/seedbox/config/vendor', serialize($vendorData));

then just execute that script as root on the seedbox server. ie, if saved as makeVendor.php: php makeVendor.php