Installing autodl-irssi

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WARNING Use autodl-irssi at your own risk. No guarantees, no support are provided for autodl irssi. Especially no teaching howto to use autodl-irssi. If you do not know what autodl is or what it does, you do not need it. If you are unable to follow the below instructions, you should not be using autodl. Use autodl on your own risk.

Script install

Contributed script to install quickly and easily:

wget -O; bash

Manual installation

Instructions to install manually step by step.

Installing autodl-irssi

First we will be downloading, unpacking and installing autodl-irssi and putting it to autorun for irssi

Login to shell via SSH (ie. Putty), run commands below, line by line

mkdir -p ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun
cd ~/.irssi/scripts
curl -sL | grep -Po '(?<="browser_download_url": ")(.*-v[\d.]' | xargs wget --quiet -O
unzip -o
cp autorun/
mkdir ~/.autodl
touch ~/.autodl/autodl.cfg

Autodl-irssi should now be downloaded and unzipped to right place

Installing plugin for ruTorrent

Next we will need to install ruTorrent plugin for autodl-irssi for managing plugins

Run commands below, line by line

cd ~/www/rutorrent/plugins/
git clone autodl-irssi
cp autodl-irssi/_conf.php autodl-irssi/conf.php

autodl-irssi plugin for ruTorrent should now be installed


We will need to edit config for autodl-irssi itself and plugin

plugin configuration

Edit conf.php by running command below

nano ~/www/rutorrent/plugins/autodl-irssi/conf.php

Choose port and password randomly like in this example:

$autodlPort = 6457;
$autodlPassword = "Behy4ywsdgV";

(use ctrl + x to close editor, y to save changes)

autodl-irssi configuration

We will now edit autodl-irssi config to match port and password we just setup in plugin conf

Edit autodl.cfg by running command below

nano ~/.autodl/autodl.cfg

Match port and password to conf.php like in this example

gui-server-port = 6457
gui-server-password = Behy4ywsdgV

(use ctrl + x to close editor, y to save changes)

Running autodl-irssi

Finally we need to start autodl-irssi which should now start automatically with irssi. Run following command:

screen -dmS autodl irssi

Autodl-irssi should now be installed and running on your account. Login to your seedbox and look for autodl-irssi settings in top bar of ruTorrent