Installing PM Software Stack

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Installation of PM Software Stack is very easy and self-explanatory with basic linux server administration skills. The complete procedure takes 15 to 30mins depending on the type of server, most of this time is spent by apt installing new packages and compiling required software from source.


  • Freshly installed dedicated server/VPS with Debian 7.0
  • root access to the server
  • DNS setup for FQDN in one form or another

Note: Quota may or may not work with OpenVZ. At the very least do not alter default quota (inc. do not compile quota from source) in a OpenVZ virtual machine. Note 2: Debian 6.0 quota from repository is quite sufficient. See bottom of this page for Debian 6.0 special instructions.

Quick installation

cd ~
shutdown -r now

Reply to questions, and setup quota as requested (if needed). After reboot issue command quotaon -av and you are done :)

Quota setup

Copy & paste last line of the fstab line without # character to the according device options, ie.:

/dev/md4        /home   ext4    defaults,noatime,usrjquota=aquota.user,,jqfmt=vfsv1       1       2


When the installation scripts open the file for hostname make certain it is the servers FQDN. You can even leave it as is, as now you can also access user accounts via any hostname/ip it responds to in the format of uri/user-#USERNAME#/