Fixing Quota

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Quota can have multiple types of problems. Here are the 2 most common situations.

Skewed quota information

Occasionally quota data becomes skewed and requires a recheck. PM Software Stack includes automated script which does more than just rechecks the quota. This includes user names not shown, wrong used amounts etc.

Situations where this maybe necessary are and may fix:

  • Quotas show up as 0 (limits or used)
  • Removed accounts still showing up on repquota
  • Reported usage does not reflect reality (ie. shows more used for a user than actually is used)
  • Accounts missing from report
cd /scripts/util
quotaoff -av

After a while quota has been checked and new quota files have been created, and quota will be re-enabled automatically.

If you get write permission error, see next section.

Permission denied aquota.user for root

So something went awry within kernel and even root does not have permission to these files?

Reboot server, then after rebooting login and issue following commands:

rm -rf /home/aquota*.new
cd /scripts/util

This ought to be fixed now.