Downloading from seedbox

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There is a few ways to download from seedbox.

1. Downloading with FTP 2. Downloading using SSH filetransfer (example using SSH Secure Shell Client)

Downloading using FTP

Clients can be found in Seedbox_access_via_FTP,_SSH_and_SFTP This is also a simple task, download a FTP client of your choise and then connect the client to your box using the information given by email. After connecting just click on the files/folders you like to download and select where, and thats it.

Downloading using SSH filetransfer

There is a few clients that can be used but best is SSH Secure Shell Client. Using this is pretty much same as some FTP client. You connect using the address given, login name and password. Then select the folder/file you want to download, in the other screen you select the folder where to save, and start transfering.