Connecting to seedbox using transdroid

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1. Go to settings and select "Add new server"

Transdroid add new server.png

2. Set up following basic settings

Transdroid settings basic.png

  • Name: Displayed server name
  • Server type: Select "rTorrent"
  • IP or host name: Address given in email (in this example
  • Username: Username given in email
  • Password: Password given in email
  • Finally select "Advanced settings"

3. Set up following advanced settings

Transdroid advanced settings.png

  • Port number: 80

  • If your login url is in format
  • SCGI mount point: /user-yoursername/rutorrent/plugins/httprpc/action.php

  • if your login url is in format
  • SCGI mount point: /rutorrent/plugins/httprpc/action.php

4. Go back and select "Optional settings"

Optional settings Server OS.png

Verify that Linux is selected under "Server OS"

5. Exit from the settings to Transdroids start screen, select server you've just setup and enjoy!

Transdroid startscreen.png