2009+ Series

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The 2009+ Series is the first of many great series of seedboxes to come out. They are all on 100mbit lines (save for the Starter, which shares a line with other Starters) and range from the small yet strong 2009+ Starter Semidedicated Seedbox up to the larger, more powerful 2009+ Large Shared Seedbox. See below for more information.

2009+ Starter Semi-dedicated SeedBox

- RAM: 250Mb HDD: 70Gb BW: 20Mbps (rTorrent)

2009+ Small Shared Seedbox

- RAM: 250Mb HDD: 115Gb BW: 100Mbps unmetered

2009+ Medium Shared Seedbox

- RAM: 500Mb HDD: 250Gb BW: 100Mbps unmetered

2009+ Large Shared Seedbox

- RAM: 1000Mb HDD: 500Gb BW: 100Mbps unmetered

~ To order one of these seedboxes, visit the 2009+ SeedBox Order Page